Brake Service

Do You Need New Brakes For Your Car?

Pulsating or squeaking brakes can mean it's time for new brake pads. Waiting too long could be dangerous for you and your family

A lot of people will call all over town looking for the cheapest price for brakes. The problem occurs when they take there vehicle down to the shop with the lowest quote some how the estimate goes up.

The fact about brakes is that there are so many variables it is nearly impossible to give an accurate quote without seeing the vehicle. Some models need specialized tools, and there are many types of vehicles that have several different options as to the type of braking configuration they use.

To avoid this confusion/frustration with our clients we suggest starting with a brake inspection. This allows us to see your vehicle and give you an accurate quote. If your vehicle requires new pads or shoes, drums or rotors, calipers, or if the issue your having is caused by something entirely different. Best of all the cost of the brake inspection can be credited toward the cost of the brake job.

  • No more annoying squeaking noises.
  • Stopping in a shorter distance when you need it most.
  • Piece of mind knowing your family is safe.

Get Your Brakes Inspected/Repaired

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Get Your Brakes Inspected/Repaired