Brake and Lamp Inspections

Certified Brake and Lamp Inspection Station

We are the ONLY Certified BRAKE & LAMP Inspection Station in Oakdale!

Here is a general list of what is inspected for cerification.

Brake System Inspection

1. Brake shoes or linings can be no thinner than 3/32″ to metal of any kind.  They will be measured.

2. Brake drums and rotors must be within the manufactures specification.  They will be measured.

3. All braking hardware must be present, installed correctly and in working order.

4. No signs of leakage in the hydraulic system. This includes master cylinder, wheel cylinderrs, calipers, valves, lines and connections.

5. Check hoses. No cracks are allowed

6. Warning lamps.  They must glow when they are supposed to glow and be off when they are supposed to be off.

7. Emergency brake must be capable of holding the vehicle on a 6% grade.

8. The vehicle must be able to stop (panic) in less than 20 feet from a speed of 25mph.

Lamp System

1. All originally equiped lighting equipment must be in working order.

2. The head lamp must be correctly adjusted.  All adjusting hardware must be in working order.

3. Lenses must be intact.  No cracks.

4. All reflectors must be intact.

5. No body damage or additional equipment can interfere with the visability of the lights.


  • We are the only shop in Oakdale State Cerified for Brake and Lamp Inspections
  • Vehicles can be certified the same day as your appointment
  • Certificates are issued immediatly after a vehicle passes the inspection

Need a Brake & Lamp Inspection call or come see us today.

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Need a Brake & Lamp Inspection call or come see us today.